Stop free trade that benifits only the rich!

"In a social system which has abolished all forms of adventure, the only adventure that remains is to abolish the social system." graffitti from  Paris, May, 1968

(  The Hope Liberty Association is not an association in the sense of a noun, a permanent structured entity.  Rather, we are a group of individuals who have decided to associate, in order to further a common end, liberty for all.  )
     We are an association of anarchists, libertarians and radicals from the Northumberland County of Ontario, Canada.    The majority of us are located in the town of Port Hope, although there are a few in Cobourg and the surrounding townships.
     We have come to together to work for the elimination of all forms of oppression and exploitation in our community and around the planet.  The oppression and exploitation we oppose takes on many forms:
capitalism,      corporate feudalism,     sexism,
globalisation,    statism,               racism/zealotry,
imperialism,     dictatorship,       fascism,
poverty,          homophobia,      destruction of the environment and the pollution of the mental landscape by relentless corporate marketing propaganda.   
     In the place of the authoritarian and oppresive institutions we hope to one day destroy, we will create a society based not on greed and profit, but instead on compassion and the sustainable pursuit of ones happiness. 
    Through varying means, ranging from petitions to militant protest/blocade,   the HLA is an action based collective, willing to bring about true peace and liberty by any means nessecary, excluding the violent harm of sentient beings. 
     Please take the time to browse our site, learn about our cause, and maybe take up the fight for freedom and justice yourself. 


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Corporate News:

-J4 Shutdown FTAA
-No Wal Mart in our community!

-IMF/World Bank, A


-World Economic Forum action, S11
-Resisting a Capitalist FTAA
-Los Angeles Democrat Convention
-Philadelphia Republican Convention
-IMF/World Bank, Prague


-What is Capitalism?
-What is Anarchism?
-A History of Revolt

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