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August 30th
Almost the weekend. We added a bunch more stuff. We added two more previews, one more review, a Strategy Guide for FFX Blitzball, and so many cheats that I can't remember. We are in desperate need of some affiliates. Please help us!!
                                                                                     - Dancing Monkey
August 31th
We finally get an affiliate, called Tendo Nation. As soon as we get his affiliate button we will add him. Also we joined a top site list today. Oh yeah and we got a new layout. All in a day's work. Plus we added even more to the cheats section.
                                                                                      - Dancing Monkey
The long awaited Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has finally let some pics out! Take a look and see the new features coming out for this sure to be classic game!
September 1st
Finally we got some stuff on GTA: Vice City. Click on the pic to see more. Plus we got 3 affiliates finally. Zelda Central, Bound Kingdom and Tendo Nation. Plus we're also getting another one when we get their site button.
                                                                                     - Dancing Monkey