Welcome to Hope's Paul Stanley Page!

Happy Autumn!

That's right Hope's Paul Stanley Page is BACK! Maybe we're not bigger, but let's hope we're BETTER. We may be a little more compact, but we hope to provide the same great quality website dedicated to the talents of the BEST rock 'n' roll frontman is music today, Mr. Paul Stanley. We may be a little lighter on the graphics, but that can be a GOOD thing. It means we can stick more to the business of Paul Stanley, and less on the graphic filler. That is not to say the site will be graphic free, by any means, but it will be much more involved in the NEWS of Paul Stanley, which is hopefully why you come to the site, in the first place. Let's face it, starting over can be fun!!

So, now if you're ready. Come on in, and have a look at the New and Improved, Hope's Paul Stanley Page.