The Expulsion of the Palestinians
Reality Trumps Public Relations
Israeli Abuse of University Students
The New Israel
Bush, Blair and The Democracy Farce

Who REALLY killed Margaret Hassan?
The Killings of Iraq's Academics

From Occupied Palestine
What Really Happened


Zionism Data Page

15 Oct 2004 WAR CRIME:
US Marine shoots an injured man!

Al-Jazeera English  *  BBC News  * Democracy Now  *  Deutsche Welle  *  France Daily  *  The Guardian  *  Swiss Info 

The Bloody Legacy of Ariel Sharon

Friends in High Places
Secret world of US jails
Double Standards
Canada's Muslims reject terrorism
Why I Burned My Israeli Military Papers
Lies of The NY Times

Israeli Torturers in Iraq

The Cost of Israel to US Taxpayers
Chasing Judith Miller off the Stage
Canada's Justice Minister's Israeli Bias
The Pentagon Lie Factory
A scandal greater than Watergate
Lasting peace requires sacrifice
If Libya can do it, why not Israel?
Israel's Guantanamo: Facility 1391
The 1.5 state solution
Crisis of Feith
Arresting Children (Iraq Diaries)
Saddam Bound
A Coward Goes to Baghdad
"Chivalry and Honour Are Not American Virtues"
Zionist Settlers Destroy Trees & Lives
Baghdad's Midnight Calls
Bush's other war
Criticizing Zionism
Edward Said - A Giant Among Midgets
In Memory of Edward W. Said
Close your organization or die!
Death of a Town
"Deception or Denial"
More on Deshowitz's Plagiarism
Alan Dershowitz - Plagiarist
Dershowitz' Israel book: A Hoax
The Magnificent 27 (Israeli Pilots of Conscience)
Israel Is A Danger
The Occupation is Killing Us All
Bush's Big Blunder
Mistakes of Vietnam repeated with Iraq
The end of Zionism
The Israelisation of America
Secret Slaughter by Night
More Questions For Cheney

This War On Terrorism Is Bogus
Daniel Pipes: Bush's Racist Sneak Appointee
Robert Fisk:  Chaos Warning
They Deserve Better
A cage for Palestinians
Stop demolishing Palestinian homes
A Failed Israeli Society Collapses
The Most Common Mistakes of Israelis
Who Are The Extremists?
The Strategist And The Philosopher
Half Century Of Israeli Assassinations 
The Imperial Bluster of Tom Delay
A Confidence Game on Iraq
Powell's battle cry fails test of time
US admits it used napalm bombs in Iraq
Family shot dead by panicking US troops
Edward Said:
Preface To Orientalism
Demonstrating a Genteel Reticence
Elaine Cassell:
Anti-Terrorism: a History of Abuses
John Pilger:  War on Truth
The Top 40 Lies: Bring 'em On!
Israel imposes 'racist' marriage law
Israel's Two-Tiered Citizenship Law
NY Times:  Dying in Iraq
Our foppish self-righteousness
Primordial Illogic and Primitive Cruelty
America is a religion

Edward Said:  
Imperial Perspectives
Edward Said:  Blind Imperial Arrogance
The Crime and the Cover-Up
Ismail Zayid:  Right of Return
(Edward Said) Dignity and solidarity
20 Lies About the Iraq War

(Norman Finkelstein) - 'I Won't Take The Insults'
A Costly Friendship

Ambient Death in Palestine
Defense of Your Home Is Not Terrorism
(And now) Poland wants seeks Iraqi Oil Stake

Kucinich: A Prayer for America
Denial and Deception
The Best Show in Town
Galloway Rejects CS Monitor Appology
Cook and Short tell of 'deception' over Iraq
Iraq scandal a threat to democracy
Edward Said: Archaeology of the roadmap
Israel can halt this now

Tikkun 'Teaches' US Congress
US accused of hypocrisy over war crimes
Clarifying the occupation lexicon
Who's Accountable?
Where did the feisty Americans go?
The Sacred Cannon
This Is The Israeli 'Cease Fire'
Edward Said: Memory, Inequality & Power

Dowd: The Greatest Hoax of All Time
Letter to the 'arrogant' US Ambassador to Canada
The `Ignoble Liars' Behind Bush's Deadly Iraq War

Mary Schweitzer:
End the Occupation NOW
Where is the outrage over activist's death?
Transition to an Empire

Sharon & Sons, Inc.
Neoconservative clout seen in U.S. Iraq policy

More Articles

Baghdad: History, Landscape, Poetry
IMAGES FROM IRAQ  more images

The Toledo Blade
AFP English
The Independent
Le Monde

The Nation

Editorials & Views
NY Times
Toronto Star
Mercury News
St. Petersburg Times



Edward Said
Preeminent intellectual & Humanitarian

1935 - 2003







Israeli soldiers posing in front of their dead Palestinian "trophy" as if on a Safari expedition!


What's New on EI?

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Four young Palestinian sisters grieve for their 15 year old brother who was killed by Israeli soldiers when they invaded the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza.  (Oct 2003)

Big Brother takes grip on America
Ayatollah Ashcroft's law

Ashcroft wants to jail 62 year old schoolteacher for going to Iraq

Sign the petition to End The Occupation

Western Journalists Speaking Out

First Deir Yassin Memorial
Earth torn, roots yearning,
Palestine landscape mourning
Displaced descendants



"If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti - Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault ? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?"   David Ben-Gurion - Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paraddoxe Juif(The Jewish Paradox), pp121


Presidency For Dummies



War Crimes:

Petition: Children Education

Iraq's Ancient Civilization

McCarthyism Watch

Palestinian Political Prisoners Association

 Join Palestine Media Watch


The best way you can make a difference is to
VOTEDon't be silent!  Express your views to your elected representative, and write to newspapers and other media. 
Every voice counts!

Arab American Institute

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

New Democratic Party (Canada)


Nov '2000: Faris Odeh 13, was shot and killed by a sniper a few days after bravely facing this tank.  
Read "Return of the Knight"
More about Faris (in Arabic & English)

BOOKS Palestine Campaign
MidEast Facts
The Palestine Chronicle
International Solidarity Movement
International Women's Peace Service
Peace Now     PeaceNowCanada
Between The Lines
Opposing Occupation and Apartheid
Ramallah Online News, Articles, more
Palestine-UN  Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations
Al-Awda : Right of Return
Sakakini Cultural Center
Palestine Remembered

Dying To Live
AMIN Articles, Editorials, News (Arabic & English)
YellowTimes Excellent reports & news.
PASSIA Palestinian Academic Society
Foundation for Middle East Peace
Palestine Media Center
Monitoring Israeli Colonizing Activities
Miftah : Global Dialogue 
American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee
LAW The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights
The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
  Reports about the Middle East Peace Process and Efforts
Seruv (Courage To Refuse)
IDF Soldiers Against Occupation
Gush Shalom The hard core of the Israeli peace movement
Yesh Gvul
  Israeli Peace Group Supporting Refusniks
Tikkun A Bimonthly Jewish Critique of Politics, Culture, & Society
Stop Torture in Israel The Public Committee against torture in Israel
The Electronic Intifada
The Memory Hole
The March For Justice

Medical mission against war
America Held Hostile

Consortium News
MidEast Facts
Another Day In The Empire
Znet MidEast Watch
What's Left

Take Back The Media
Media Whores Online
Here In Reality
The Blanket
AlterNet-Middle East
Bitter Lemons
The Nation
Free Palestine
Media Monitors Network
Middle East Daily
Cafe Arabica
Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring
Americans for Middle East Understanding
Israeli-Palestinian Human Rights and Peace Groups

Jewish Voice for Peace
Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace
Z Magazine  
History 101
Did You Know?

War Crime
March 2002: Israeli "Defense" forces  execute Mahmoud Salah in cold blood as he lay  subdued and tied up


TRASH Media:   Do not waste your time or money on:

Asper/CanWest pro-Israel anti-Arab media.
Their daily newspapers are:

The Gazette, Montreal


National Post
Ottawa Citizen
The Windsor Star


The Leader Post, Regina
The StarPhoenix, Saskatoon


Calgary Herald
The Edmonton Journal

British Columbia

The Vancouver Sun
The Province, Vancouver
Nanaimo Daily News
Times Colonist, Victoria
Alberni Valley Times, Port Alberni

NY Post
(Publisher: Rupert Murdoch)
Washington Times
(owned by the Moonies)
Philadelphia Inquirer, Fox TV Network, to name but a few...

UK: Daily Telegraph & other Conrad Black publications


4Sharon's Profile
4Did Sharon order the killing of Elie Hobeika?

Impeach George Bush

George Bush's Darn Good Resume

Bush falls, hits head, declares war on U.S.


The use of depleted Uranium on Iraq in 1991

Bush's vision of the world!
Not a moron but a sociopath!

Morons are outraged!   
Moronic Gems

His Wit & Wisdom!



World Cartoonists on the USA vs. IRAQ!


False prophets Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson try to pull the foot out of false prophet Jerry Falwell's mouth.

The Jenin Atrocities


US is sending 24 new Apache Gunships to Israel


See More Anti-War Photos

Dec 2002: Abeida, a 95 year old Palestinian grandmother, was shot and killed by a trigger happy Israeli soldier while sitting in a taxi. 



Honesty killed David Kelly
The tragic cost of a rash Iraq war


Think About Ali Ismaeel Abbas

4Mohammad Al-Durra
4Video of the shooting



Sami Abdeh's brother Khaled was killed inside the house by indiscriminant fire  from Apache Helicopters (US Tax money at work!).  When the mother rushed outside to call for help, an Israeli sniper shot her dead (in self defense of course!).  The surviving brother spent 30 hours with them as they bled to death unable to get any help.  Israel is hopefully feeling better now that these 2 "terrorists" (or are they simply "militants"?) have been eliminated!


Listen to Olive Trees by rap artist Iron Sheik.

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