Hope-Source Notes
learnings from the work of
the Rev. Hugh Wire, 
senior consultant

Hope-Source Consulting

building up congregations and ecumenical organizations

     as communities of
             personal renewal
    and agents of social 

working with a global reach from a San Francisco Bay Area base 

These NOTES, for the most part, reflect use of a  life-cycle analysis of congregations

      August 2, 2001

Issues of NOTES::
A Review:  Congregation and Community
Introduction to Life-cycle Analysis
A  Workshop on Redevelopment + An Experience of  Revival

Revitalizing an Empty Nest Congregation
Renewing a Congregation in Retirement

Draft Chapt er:   Glimpses of  Ecumenical  Life  in  Northern California, 1950-2000
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See Website reporting on China experiences - August 2001-July 2002
Hugh Wire