Sir Anthony Hopkins
"A Journey of Discovery"



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Past Film Projects:

Current Film Projects:

  Biography Magazine (March 2000) Interview
  Vanity Fair Magazine (April 1999) Photos
  US Magazine (February 1998) Interview
  Playboy Magazine (March 1994) Interview


Hasty Pudding 2001 Man of the Year
February 15, 2001 Detached Dedication Getting In Character

Harper's Bazaar - "Tony the Tiger"
Photo by Patrick Demarchelier (June 1999)

A Dark and Stormy Knight
The Guardian - December 5, 1998

Wales Photo Library
800x600 Snowdon Wallpaper


W Magazine (November 1998): Photo by Dan Winters
W  Magazine - November 1998
Photo by Dan Winters


Vanity Fair Magazine (April 1999): Photo by Julian Broad
Vanity Fair - April 1999
Photo by Julian Broad


People Magazine - February, 12, 2001 (Photo by Mark Sennet/Reflex) People Magazine - February 12, 2001
Photo by Mark Sennet/Reflex


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