Hopkins HUrt
Hopkins Ultimate was founded in 2002, when a group of Hopkins High School students decided to create a team to compete in the brand new Twin Cities High School League.  In June,  HUrt won the 2003 UPA Minnesota State High School Ultimate Championship!  The team placed fifth in the UPA Junior National Championships in Alabama. Recruitment is underway for the 2003-04 season.
Ultimate is a fast paced sport consisting of running, throwing, catching, jumping, diving, and spirit.  The sport was created in 1968 by a group of New Jersey high school students.  The rules are a mixture of different sports including football and soccer.  The offense scores a point by advancing the disc into an endzone similar to football.  Players are not allowed to move while the disc is in their posession.  The defense can create a turnover by either intercepting a pass or knocking the disc to the ground.
Dain Leipa
Justin Berg

Wayne Roemhildt
Meghan Doyle
Jake Raisanen
Tom Walker

Cameo Coaches:
Scott Alslaban
Dan Stedman
Louie Abramowski
Dan Kos

David Fruchter
Danny Goldstein

Danny Goldstein
David Fruchter
David Price
Avi Mash
Justin Kaminsky
Billy Smith
Shira Klane
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