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(from left: Chad Hugo, Sheldon Hailey, and Pharrell Williams)

9/18/02--Somebody emailed me today asking where I get my pictures from because she was trying to start a page of her own..  I search for them on the web.  They are out there if you look in the right places and go to sites like the Startrak or N.E.R.D. web forums, where people always come with new info.  Also, I think it is right to give the place from where you take the pictures credit or post their address somewhere on your page (even if the pic doesn't come originally from that site).  Usually I post the address where I got the pictures and I don't use pics that certain websites ask me not to use.  I figure, I wouldn't appreciate if someone did that to me, so I don't do it to anybody else.  I could give y'all some more pics from magazines if I had a scanner, but I don't.  So I'll tell you places (magazines, newspapers) to look and you'll have to check them out for yourselves.  (Read, kids, Read!)  I'm not so much of a picture fanatic as I used to be, but I realize most of you are, so maybe you found this interesting.  Oh, and I do realize Pharrell is a good looking man, so you can stop leaving me those kinds of messages in my guestbook.  Thanx.  One last thing about the guestbook, the text box is very small and often times your messages get cut off and I have no idea what you are trying to say.  So you may have to post twice or just post shorter and more straight to the point questions or comments.

--Well, I don't know what happened but I came on my page today and the Articles/Interview Page was fixed (at least from what I checked).  Hmm...maybe its the computer I'm on.  But whatever.  You know I try to give you guys all the goods, at least all that's in my power to give...well here's a new interview!  Its actually old, but its new to this site.  Go to Click on Show Archives.  You see a place to scroll down at the bottom of the page. You'll see Chad and Pharrell's face.  You need Windows Media Player or Real Player for this.

For those of you who don't already know, the Clipse are in the current issue of XXL.  So check it out before its gone.  (I'm pretty late on this one, so it may already be gone. I don't know.)  If you didn't feed the hungry today, now is your chance

New Zoo York Pic:

Hey don't forget to write to me and tell me how you like the page and articles.  Note to other fans:  Read the guestbook, sometimes people ask questions, I can't answer so help somebody out. Tha

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9/13/02--Man this page is messed up!.  I'm thankful for the hits, but the more I get, the more Yahoo! shuts down the page.  It comes back up with a bunch of crap in my text.  If you read the Articles/Interviews (which I suspect most of you don't) you'd see that.  By the by, some of you are under the impression that I'm somehow affiliated with the Neptunes.  I'm not. Remember that please.  I know I promised you guys some stuff, but I'm just too busy to do it right now.  I don't feel like it.  For all of you crazed Pharrell fans, here's a place you can go for pictures. Search for his name and the site will give you a bunch of little photos of him.  Larger ones cost money.  Sorry.  You can't have it all I suppose.  Keep your ears open for a Neptunes and Common track that I've heard is coming up.  I don't know about you but that was definitely unexpected.  I definitely thought Neptunes would be too mainstream and too popular for Common's sound.  That just goes to show, I have no idea what I'm talking about.  and remember to visit (it takes five seconds to help feed hungry people.  just do it!)every day.  thanks kids.

Hey, for all you frustrated female hiphop lovers, check this site out: It about this cool actor/poet/playwright named Sarah Jones who was censored by the FCC.  Trust me, she is about as cool as people get.  I saw her perform this weekend.  It was an excerpt from her one woman play that honor multicultralism in a post 9/11 world.  Reading my summary of it, makes her sound boring, but trust me, you need to keep an eye out for this chick (that is if you haven't noticed her already).

One last thing, in the current issue if URB Magazine (THE ROOTS are on the cover) there is a Neptunes article.  Actually, it is more like a Pharrell article.  And N.E.R.D. are in Request Magazine (  Its an article on their favorite CDs.
NEPTUNES MEDIA-Hey kids, check out these links

Wrap Up video  (Teen People's "What's Next 2001)

Video interview (Note: At the site, video interview different  than written interview that appears at the bottom)
Gallery of pictures (Teen People's "What's Next" 2001)

Video interview

Pharrell singin