1. No racial or other insulting remarks towards other members or moderators.   Such behavior will NOT be tolerated.   Doing such will result in that member being banned for a few weeks or forever.    It depends on the severity of the     remark.

  2.  Moderators will NOT abuse their power in any way!!!   Doing so will result in that mod being banned from the forums forever.   No excuses!!!

   3. No swearing containing God, Jesus, Jehovah or any other religious deity.  Respect the religious beliefs of fellow members.

   4.   No satanists, neo nazis, kkk or members of such hate groups allowed.  Those groups are fucks.

   5.No pornographic or other such images allowed.   Post them and that member will get banned.

  Swearing is allowed but don't overload your posts with it.

     Follow these rules and all of us will be happy.   Now run along and play :)
Rules of the Hordak Alpha MotU Forums
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