Greek cuisine:
         Divine pleasure!
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Taste the Mediterranean!

Salads & mezedes
Start the Greek
way, with a meze
and a salad.

Main courses         
The revenge of
the vegetables!
Spoil your palate!

Coffee & juices     
Learn how to
make a frappe or
drink a "cafedaki".

Sweets & cakes     
Make your life
deliciously sticky!

Get to know
the greek spirit!

Eating the Greek way

                The Greeks have two major meals per day, the lunch and the dinner. They start their day with a very light breakfast -usually just coffee- and they have a sandwitch around 11:00 am. Lunch, which is served between 13:00 pm and 15:00 pm, is a serious bussiness as most Greeks see it as an opportunity to spend quality time with their families. Coffee is rarely served at the end. Instead most greeks take their cup of coffee between 17:00 pm and 20:00 pm. Dinner is served late, usually between 21:00 pm and on and if possible in good company.

                As a matter of fact good company is a key ingredient for a good lunch according to the Greeks since eating is not just consuming food but an opportunity to socialize and enjoy with friends or family. A Greek never looses an opportunity to eat, drink and dance recognising the brevity of life and the importance of simply having fun. The Greek hedonism is reflected clearly not only in the reach tasteful recipies but in the amazing ease with which each Greek of every age and social background gets into kefi that is, the right mood to laugh, dance and enjoy, even when things are not perfect. "As long as the sun shines and we are alive we have every reason to have fun".

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