Confusion is our business.

Since 1999 we're trying and failing to record and release HöRK. Recording is easy, but releasing requires many atributes we don't have - perseverance, dedication, non-lazy behavior.

The consequences of this are an incontable number of unreleased HöRK songs and the terrible feeling that we stared for too long into the abyss and the abyss has now stared back into us - nothing that does not sound like noise no longer make sense to our previously refined and now corrupted sense of art. We suffer hard the consequences of our inconsequence. May we rot in Hell.

Out the Abyss:

02 may 04 - The Abyss is dead quiet for now. Remember: nobody loves you. At time, spend your precious time downloading some of our songs and crying for the stupid reasons you always cried for.

HöRK - Confusion is our business. Online since 1999 somewhere else.

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