It now has been 3 years since I last updated the site and tried to add anything to it. I have been working for over a year now for US cellular as a customer service representative. I have been running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign now for my friends that seems to be going well excluding a couple of snags along the way. I have moved in with my Girlfriend of a year and I got a dog. I will hope to get some pictures up of what is going on with my life in a little while but at this time I am working on a new design for the site. I know I know I said that a while ago but this time I am hoping to finish it. The design is going to be roughly based off of the site I built for Widner drug while I worked there.

Those updates that I have been saying will come for over a year will start about now. 12-04-04 to be exact. Some new magic decks are being added some links and other fun toys.


I graduated from NICC (Northeast Iowa Community College) with an AAS (Associates in Applied Sciences) in Computer Analysis. Majoring in Network Administration. It is official I have the little slip of paper saying so.


For those of you who come and visit my site often this may a dramatic change I can assure you that like everything, this will change again.

Now for the people who do not visit my site on a regular basis this is where I place my little odds and ends of information that I come across. Alot of this information is probably copyrighted. IF any of this information is your property please contact me and I will remove the material from my site immediately.

If you have any comments concerning the site please post in the message boards. This will be a quicker way to get answers from myself or another of the visitors that may happen across this site.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your stay