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Okay, no more filler area. Here is going to be our numbers for Ragnarok. So far, we have About 10 hopefuls. Storm, Kitty, Wolf, Dayaden, Jager, Elameir(sp, I know) and Rhia are pretty much set, but another 3 have brought up interest. The Ragnarok trip is going to be taken with Dominion, our allies, at a cost of $150.

"It's only funny till someone gets hurt. Then, its hilarious."

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Dwarrordell:Alcoholics Unanimous! HEAR, HEAR!

1-24-2004 written by Rhia
It's January and the large portion of our realm has had problems with jobs or financial aide at college, making me one busy little webdesigner. Now that things seem mostly settled, I will update more and I will be adding more pictures... ones of people actually in garb this time! Yea!

01-08-2004 written by Rhia
Okay. A little slow on the updating, but I finally got the pages up 'cept Members. It's got a good amount of pics and a few stories to enjoy. It's 3 AM now so I think tomorrow I'll finish everything else. PS: Anyone know where to get a job in Pittsburg, KS?

12-19-2003 written by Rhia
~Look, I'm writing things to fill up space till I get the time over Christmas break to actually fill this in. My name is Rhia and I have a really great layout planned, but lack of time and sleep has caused me to use this template till the actual thing is up. I think it looks okay. Until everything's done though, have a look at the Pirate Ship Charon. The leading commanders of Dwarrordell(Wolf and Dayaden[As pictured up above] and myself) are members of the inter-realm unit.
~You know, it's 12:34 pm and I'm working on this. My roommate isn't back yet and so I'm on her nicely decked out computer..
~I would just like to say piercings are good.
~I must sound so stupid at this point. I think it's ciggy break time.
~Anyone else out there smoke? It's good for you, I swear.
~Our group smokes. At least almost everybody in it does. And we're all freaks. If you are a freak, Dagorhir is the place for you and if you like piercings and leather and smoking and drinking sometimes too, Dwarrordell's even more the place for you.
~You know, this is geoshitties or else I swear I'd be cussing up a storm.
~It'll be nice once I get our
~I like MSI. Listen to them sometime.
~Someone let the geese out on campus. Holy shiznit, I hear geese outside my dorm room door.. Dumb fratboys.
Ohh.. Shiny Things Productions Copyright 2003

Mear Nolwe, our Spring battle, is still in the workings(seeing as unemployment kinda got in the way this month. The planning will be finished by next month. We're still planning the end of May, into April.

We are the Pittsburg University based branch of Dagorhir. We are not nationally recognized due to our rivals getting paperwork in first, but we are a campus organization. *YES!* Anyone from Pittsburg State is welcome to come and anyone else. Warning: Pittsburg, KS, is about 2 hours from anywhere special. You have been warned.



I like cheese!
Did I TELL you you could borrow that?
Rusty's got a pac-man ear!
Piercings are good.

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