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If you're a raver or a satyr, a naughty
pin-up girl or a plain old devil, whether you're a goth or a nymph, you need a pair of horns!

These horns are must-have accessories.  You can wear them at a Renaissance Festival or a rave.  They're great for Halloween or a goth club.  Wear them at work to freak people out.

Each set of horns is carefully handcrafted.  That means that just like snowflakes, there are no two sets of horns that are exactly alike!  If you email me with the style, color, and approximate size of the horns you want, I should be able to  produce a one of a kind accessory that will be the envy of all your cool friends, and have uncool people staring at you in shock, because they just don't get it.
Standard Horn Styles...just $10.00!
(includes 3-day shipping)
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Brand New!!!

Hat Horns!

For those of us who cannot bear to take off our beloved baseball caps.  These horns go directly on the hat!

12.00, includes 3-day shipping)