welcome to susan's page
This site is for ladies wishing to meet other ladies. all you have to do is e-mail me your pic and some infomation about yourself as well as your yahoo id! i will post you and your information with a link for people to find you. this is a new site but i will try to keep it updated as often as i can!
Cathy was the first girl to contact me this was the only photo she sent. but please send me your photos and i will post you on the next page. xxx
check my profile and you can e-mail me from there. just click here.
and since yahoo doesnt allow really nude content i have added some links for you to check out. i use these quite often. xxx
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I also had the help of a lovely person from zepher 4 porn so please support this site!!!
And to all you girls out there.  P.I the one who sighned my guest book is a fake. my pics were stolen by this guy pretending to be a female and he has posted them all over the net so please be on the lookout for them and let me know where they are. xxx
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