A Tribute in Honor of: The Horse Rescue
We NEED your help to save this young horse!
May 2003: This is a one-year-old Quarter Horse colt who was donated to our non-profit (501C) rescue in desperate need of surgery on the contracted hoof and tendon on his front leg. The initial photos were taken before some farrier work, which was sadly long overdue, had been completed.
The First Photo Taken Before Crucial Farrier Work Was Completed. This Colt Still NEEDS Surgery. Please Help Him!
We have kept up with his farrier needs, yet he must have the surgery soon in order to survive without pain and severe lameness. This colt could live a happy and reasonably normal life here at our rescue. He will never be placed for adoption! The surgery costs approximately $2,500. This cost includes the actual operation and some vital aftercare. You may send donations in check and money order form to the following address if you want to help us save this colt who we have come to call (nickname) Benny:

To:Whigmaleerie Press
Attention: Pamela Groot
P.O. Box 5441
Goodyear, Arizona 85338 USA
Do include a S.A.S.E. (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope)
so that we may send you a personalized update!

Please sign all checks and money orders to Pamela Groot.

The Whigmaleerie Press was built in order to try another avenue to raise funds for our horse rescue.