More Photos
Benny. After the last photographed farrier visit. The painful and crippling overgrown toe as seen on page one is now gone.
How Benny came into the rescue: Benny was a victim of a mineral/feed imbalance when he was younger. Due to this, he developed the contraction in his tendon and hoof area. Benny's previous owner could not afford the surgery Benny needed and this owner knew there were only three options left for this young colt: 1) the slaughter house, 2) to be put to sleep without a chance 3) placement with a rescue.
He decided to give Benny up to rescue. However, the economy has hurt the rescues as much as it has others. We continue to care for Benny and provide him with the best farrier service available. Yet we cannot fund the operation Benny needs at this time.
You may contact us by phone at (623) 393-0324.

Or by email at
The contracted tendon and hoof is on the hoof Benny is standing on in this photo.
Look at the incredible improvement in Benny's good hoof in this photograph!!!!!! Our farrier was thrilled. More pictures of Benny are coming up! Including some pictures of what he looks like today. Benny has gained weight and developed into a beautiful young colt as of May 2003. However, he still requires surgery. Without this surgery Benny has no future. Moreover, the older Benny gets the less promising his prognosis becomes. We have tried to raise the funds to save Benny ourselves and we have failed! This is why we are finally turning to the potential support of the Internet viewers all over the world. Please keep us, Benny and all the other abused, neglected and unwanted horses, ponies and other animals in your prayers!