Some Other Rescue Horses
These are pictures of other rescued horses that have traveled through our facility in the years 1999 and 2000. These horses all received the following standard care: Blood work for Coggins, dental care (teeth floating), sheath cleaning if geldings, full vaccines, vaccines boostered after 30 days, deworming, deworming repeated after 30 days, sand colic prevention treatment, and psychological evaluation and humane retraining before being placed in their new homes. Some horses also received extra bloodwork, such as a full blood panel, x-rays, extended physical therapy for injuries, specialized hoof care and corrective farrier work for injuries, severe abscesses, and fungus type infections such as thrush and white line disease. Yet other horses required treatment for severe malnutrition, long-term sand build up and sand colic, dehydration, and a variety of serious wounds and general infections. All horses were placed in home ideal for each particular horse. Follow up contact was made with all persons who adopted a horse from the rescue to ensure the welfare of these animals after placement!