She's a very special dog, Sarah, a credit to you and her ancestors, and I feel privileged to have her here. Every day brings new opportunities for her to show us what she can do, and she has yet to disappoint... well... I did come out of the bathroom this aft to find her sitting at the kitchen table drinking milk out of my daughter's mug, but I doubt she'll try that one again after the earsplitting screech I let out when I saw her... I have to admit she did look kinda cute with the milk mustache:)

Dinah, at Heartsong Acres

She more than made up for her transgression with all the help she gave me separating and penning ewes for vaccines later today, she was right in there with Hannah having a ball! Her instincts are very strong, I can see her positioning herself and then the almost magnetic way she's drawn in to follow the heels of the animal being moved... It's hard to describe, but I know you all know what I'm talking about, it's like watching someone do an intricate dance without ever having been taught the steps... Kinda gives me goosebumps. She uses more "eye" than Hannah, and will stand back and let the sheep move along on their own as long as they're going the right way. Hannah is bold, very physical and very fast, and wants to "manage" every move... she's especially valuable with butt-head goats and troublemakers, barking in their faces and likes to grip when they go the wrong way. I imagine she'd do well on cattle, as strong and confident as she is. I have had to work on the "easy" command with Hannah when working gentle sheep, but she caught on quickly and is learning more self-control. Both girls are doing wonderfully!

Jan 18, 2003

(PS- Dinah did the cutest thing today! We were putting some ewes back in the barn (I'd let them out in the lot for excercise) and the last one stopped halfway in the door and looked like she might double-back and take off... instead of nipping her heel, Dinah reared up on her hinds and planted both forepaws on the ewe's rump and SHOVED her in! I've never seen anything like it, and the ewes was quite surprised, too.)


# 8716, Sunday Feb 16,

Re: Lambing Weather Woes... This really describes her connection to the flock and I think it's the best example of what makes her so valuable here:

Interestingly, it's Dinah who is going around checking ewes and directing me to new lambs... she's done my "rounds" looking for lambs with me for a few weeks now and knows what we're looking for... she also follows, sniffs and pays a lot of attention to ewes who then lamb soon after, so I've been watching her and making a point of checking her "picks" too. She's a great help and an important member of our "team". The ewes are used to her quiet comings and goings, and don't bother to get up from comfy cud-chewing on her account ( when they see me & Hannah coming they know we're up to something, LOL). I can look out the window and watch Dinah head into the barnlot and do my usual circuit by herself, and can tell immediately if she's found something... she doesn't "tattle" yet, but does stay with the mama &help clean off new lamb(s) and then will run to meet me and lead me to them when I come out.

-Tish Heartsong Acres home of Dinah's parents
Stormy's Pedigree Dinah's sire
Sadie's Pedigree Dinah's dam
Tish's Hannah
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