The Fourfold Calling of the Roots

This is the Summoning of the Four Quarters or directions associated to the four elements: earth- north, air - east, fire - south, water - west.

In this Threskian Calling there is incorporated a Sign that traditionally originated with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This Sign is called the Sign of the Enterer that many Orders and traditions use. In the threskian tradition the sign is executed a little differently: Bring the finger/instrument to forehead, fling out hand, arm fully extended, at the same time step forward with the left foot. The Sign of Silence is accomplished by simply stepping back, standing straight and pressing finger on lip. This is the general mode of the threskian sign of the enterer, but the point of the forehead can be changed to any of the other centers which can be used in accordance with the type of energy one is working with and wishes to evoke. This is shown clearly in this fourfold summoning. Remember to give the Sign of Silence after every sign of the enterer.

  1. Look to the East, give the Sign of the Enterer by touching the forehead and intone: PA-IS-SE (pah-ees-seh)
  2. Look to the South, give the Sign of the Enterer by touching the genital area and intone : KU-IS-SE (koo-ees-seh)
  3. Look to the West, give the Sign of the Enterer by touching the navel and intone: DA-IS-SE (dah-ees-seh)
  4. Look to the North, give the Sign of the Enterer by touching chest and intone : KO-IS-SE (koh-ees-seh)
  5. At central altar, facing the east, extend arms in the form of the cross (four directions) and intone : PA-KU-DA-KO (pah-koo-dah-koh)
  6. Bring hands together, interlacing fingers and intone : IS-SE (ees-seh)