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Encyclopedia Mythica : Greek Mythology

  •         An encylcopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend


Dedicated to ancient astrology, offering fresh perspectives on traditional astrology techniques, theories and myths. Plato. Pythagoras. Greek Mythology. The seven planets. Herbalism feature plus links, resources, pictures, texts, articles, all with a satirical approach and sense of humour

Phanes Press 

 Founded in 1985, Phanes Press has published 40 quality books on the spiritual, philosophical, and cosmological traditions of the Western world. "We have published titles on Greek philosophy, Mythology and religion, alchemy and the Hermetic tradition, and other topics."


This site is devoted to the heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology.

Greek Mythology

This is an introduction to Ancient Greek Mythology. It combines information from a number of sources and attempts  to be a comprehensive reference work.

Greek Mythology Today

Greek mythology today offers terrific information on the gods and myths of ancient Greece, with superb student myth homework help. A great resource

The Prometheus Trust

The Prometheus Trust is an educational charity registered in the UK: we are particularly concerned with the promulgation of the mystical philosophy of the ancient world, especially that of the neoplatonists.
Our website includes a catalogue of the books we are publishing, together with sizable extracts to download. Most of our books are republications of the writings of Thomas Taylor, the great English Platonist, but we have just published a book

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