The Star of Nyx


The Symbol of Threskia

  Evangelos Rigakis


            Initially and above all else the Star of Nyx is the sign, word or name of my own Daemona. It was received in 1988 during a magickal working that I was conducting at the time. It became my own unique Star that I had gotten made in silver and wore it round my neck like a talisman. Most people began asking me if I were of the Jewish faith and repeatedly I found myself saying “It’s not the Star of David ! It’s called the Star of Nyx !” Though all threskian initiates seeing it enjoyed it so much they began asking if they could wear one to. At first, admittedly, it bothered me that others wanted to use it because the Star is so personal to me. In a discussion on the threskian tradition, the subject of a symbol to represent the Threskian tradition came up and a brother of the tradition said to me “What better symbol than the Star of Nyx because it’s so personal to you and you are the founder of the Threskia”. This made sense to me and I began to consider the idea more. There is a difference between the Ancient Greek and Contemporary Greek mystery tradition, which I’ve discussed in the article “Re-Vision”. The ancient Greek tradition is represented by the Meandros or Greek Key but there must then be a different symbol for the contemporary tradition and specifically Threskia. Threskia is also Thelemic, which means it promotes individualism and so a unique symbol such as the Star of Nyx would be most fitting. So for these reasons the Star of Nyx became the symbol of Threskia near the end of the year 2000, and now everyone can use it.

            The Star is depictive of 210 – 2 in 1 in Nothingness/Nyx, it is the two creating the One, the two opposites coming together into One, one star in the nothingness of the night. Nyx is the ancient Greek goddess of the night and represents the nothingness of the night sky Upon closer inspection it may be seen that the Star is made up of two pentagrams united and in fact this is how it was created. It is made up of the two opposites as pentagrams :

the Inverted Pentagram

the Upright Pentagram


The five points of the Pentagram are attributed to the five elements, earth, water, air, fire and spirit. The topmost point of the upright pentagram and the bottom most point of the inverted pentagram is associated to spirit. It is through these points, through spirit are the opposites united :


As so it is then turned on it’s side to show two pentagrams joined together make a hexagram :


The Star of Nyx then is a very powerful symbol as it has many deep meanings that make it perfect example of the Great Work, the path of spiritual enlightenment and development. And though it does have many uses, we use it to describe our faith as the symbol of our tradition, Threskia.