Traditions of the Greek Mysteries 
E. Rigakis  
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Paperback, 250pp
Mandrake of Oxford: ISBN 1869928660


Preface: The Mystery Tradition of the ancient Greeks
The Thessalian Address: An Introduction to Threskia
Prologue: The Rising of the Ancients (quoted below)
Chapter One: The Mysterious Kabiri
Chapter Two: The Legendary Orpheus
Chapter Three: The Bacchic Mysteries
Chapter Four: The Sacred Rites of Eleusis
Chapter Five: Threskia
Chapter Six: The Divine Beings of the Ancients
Chapter Seven: Rites Mysteria
Orphic Hymns
The Kylikes


None but the Gods I hear call my name, beckoning, beseeching me to free them from the aeons of their perpetual silence. Not but my blood drives me to the well of my roots in this incarnation I come to know. Oh the delight, the ecstasy of Daemona raising my head to the call of my forefathers. Oh but the pain of the burden placed upon my mortal shoulders, a delight few have enjoyed and I am Atlas rising. Hear me! for I am Pan dancing in the luscious green forest of Arcadia, laughing and playing my syrinx for the world to hear. Accept this gemmed elixir as my gift, for I am Bacchus, the little horned child-god. Join us in our mystery with sacred orgy, the delights and raptures of the Gods are once again upon us. We sing the mysteries plain, into the day of brilliant light and into the night of delight. I am Hermes and with my message I resurrect the dead of ancient times, and clear the sands of Chronos from the ruins and the crypt appear in full view. I am nothing more than an Ancient Greek living in your modern day, answering to the call, for the day of silence is over and the time of joyous laughter upon us. Hail my Brethren, come, join this dance and partake in the delights of Ancient Greece.




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Evangelos Rigakis
0. Paganism to Neopaganism
- Introduction
I. Pronouncing Greek Words
II. The Sacred Place
III. Some Preparations
About Meditation
Flame of Ka (Oil)
Fumes of Ka (Incense)
Fire of Ka - making this special candle
Nectar of the Gods - making the honey wine
Holy Water
Using Crystals
The Wreath
Ritual Clothing
The Athame (Xiphos)
The Rattle
IV. Seasonal Festivals
Mythos - Spring Equinox
Anthos - mid-spring
Pyros - Summer Solstice
Kronia - mid-summer
Genesis - Fall Equinox
Hekatia - mid-fall
Kormia - Winter Solstice
Lennea - mid-winter
Days of Power
V. Everyday Rituals
Morning Ritual
Bedtime Ritual
Invocation of a god/goddess
Ritual for Bringing Work
Ritual for Healthy Home
Ritual for a Healthy Individual
VI. Deity Attributes
VII. Selected Orphic Hymns
Some Threskian Hymns