Hey everybody!  Welcome…Right about now you may be wondering what in the world does Hogan Brushes mean?  Let me tell you what this section is all about.  My name is Carlene and I am a HUGE fan of Hulk Hogan's.  I have been a Hogan-fanatic for quite sometime.  When I first became a big fan of his I always wondered what it would really be like to meet him in person.  I suspect many of you have wondered the same thing…
This section was created for those of you who have always wondered what it is really like to meet Hulk Hogan!
If you have met Hulk Hogan heres your opportunity to share what it was really like with people who really care.
If you, your friend, or your friend's friend have ever had the opportunity to meet or have had a brush with Hulk Hogan this is where you get to share your stories…

Here's how it works:

There are many different categories of brushes.
1. A Sighting-  Is just that you yourself SAW Hulk Hogan out in some public setting. Ex. Restaurant or airport.
2. A Backstage- Is a brush backstage with Hulk Hogan at a WCW or WWF event.
3. An Encounter- Is a brush in which you were able to receive an autograph or picture with
Hulk Hogan
4. A Lucky dog- Is a brush of any kind that you have heard through the grape vine through a friend, or a friends friend.

Somethings to remember:
 Be descriptive, what was it like to meet Hulk Hogan?  Was it what you expected?  Who else was there?  What was the impression?  Most of all have fun!

Here are some samples of my own to get you started
A long awaited ENCOUNTER!, by Carlene.

I became a BIG fan of Terry's when I was about 9 years old…my Dad came home one evening and said that he was going to be taking me and my sister to the wrestling matches…we said, "Wrestling!?"
I wasn't all that interested but, then it occurred to me that going to the wrestling matches would get me out of that evenings homework…suddenly the idea became very appealing to me. ; )
To make a very long story short…I of course loved every minute of it…and from day one I was mesmerized by Hulk Hogan…from that day forward he would remain my all time favorite.
About a year later my Dad took me to see Hulkster on my birthday.  While there I saw a friend of mine from softball…she was so excited to see me.  She WAS'NT a wrestling fan at all but, had been given the opportunity to meet Terry earlier in the day.
My friend was like you should have told me I would have  taken you to the party with me.  Boy, was I heartbroken.
I think that was the first time I realized that Hulk Hogan was a REAL person…I know it sounds funny but its true.  He was SO BIG in my eyes especially at 9.
Anyway, from that day forward I had always wanted to meet him…to see what he was really like…I was extremely drawn to the idea that the wrestlers were real people, with real families, and real lives…
The idea of actually meeting the wrestlers sounded so incredible.  My father felt very bad that I was heartbroken so he started taking  me to the hotels after the matches…and before you knew it I was meeting all kinds of wrestlers…
You name it…Ted Dibease, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Jesse Ventura,  Brutus…
But, I was never in the right place at the right time to meet Terry.  It was so crazy I would miss him by minutes, split seconds…it seemed like I was never going to happen.
As a matter of fact 6 years went by and then when I had just about given up all hope of ever being in the right place at the right time…
Terry walked right through the front door while I was sitting in the lobby.
I was so excited!!!!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes…it couldn't be this easy. I acted like a complete idiot…but he was very understanding and a total sweetheart.  He signed everyone's autographs.
I really love the fact that he goes out of his way to do so…it meant the world to me.

Lucky Dog

A good friend of mine had a client who was vacationing with his family in Clearwater.  They were at a local marina when his son spotted Hulk Hogan.  His son ran over and asked Hulk for his autograph.
Hulkster told the little boy to go get a dollar from his mother first.  WHAT!  With out hesitation the little boy retrieved a dollar from his mother.
Upon his return Hulk took his dollar gave him his autograph and slipped the little boy a bill back.  The boy assumed Hogan had given him his dollar back until he looked down to see Hulkster had given him a $100 bill instead.  He told the boy to put the money in his college fund. :)

You get the idea…now its your turn…just e-mail me at Boog31@aol.com with your stories and you will see them posted here. : )

This one is from Linda of Boston
Hi, this is Linda. I"ve had plenty of meetings with Terry. They range from Florida,California, and
Mass. Each time was a pleasant experience. He is sweet and kind with all people. The most pleasant
meeting I had was in Mass. It was at World Gym Somerville. I used to work for the owner Pat Catino. He
let my cousin and I have a one day pass. We waited till Terry came to town to use pass. We watched
him workout for 2 hrs straight. Now here comes the best part. After the workout I walked up to Terry said
Hi hows it going? He said fine. Then I asked him If I could give him a KISS! Well to my amazment Terry
pointed to his cheek and said
"Right here Baby!" I kissed him and said thanks and he said no problem. I could give you plenty of
meetings with him but there is not enough room. I dont mean to be a showoff but just trying to tell and
show people in real life he is very kind sweet family man,unlike what the internet says.
This one`s from Rick Miesse from Dayton, OH.

Hey there.
I met the Hulkster in 1995 in the Marriot Hotel he was staying in after they
had just finished "The Great American Bash" pay per view event at Dayton,
Ohio's Hara Arena. Like you, I had been a fan of his all my life and wanted
to know what it would be like to meet him. I am 27 years old now, then I was
22. A friend and I decided to go to the hotel they were staying in and check
out the bar to see who might be in there...lone behold there he was, sitting
up at the main bar with some other wrestling stars, drinking a white russian
and buying rounds for all the other wrestlers. I took a seat beside him and
ordered a beer, I sat there and drank my beer, not saying a word to him, but
just saying to myself"I can't believe I'm sitting on a bar stool next to the
Hulkster!".....eventually, I got up, and took a stroll through the bar, when
the Hulkster approached me!( I was wearing one of the old classic
"Hulkamania" yellow shirts he used to wear in the WWF). Anyhow, he tapped me
on the shoulder and said "Nice shirt buddy, I'll be right back". So we waited
for him to come back, I guess he went to the jon or something. We were
standing in the hallway next to the entrance to the bar, when here he came.
We stopped him in the hall, and asked for a picture, and he had no problem
with it. He asked us how long we had been watching him, and I said ever since
I was a small child, and that's when he said "Well you'd better shake my hand
then brother".....so we got the photo shaking his hand, and flexing with
him..lol....we received an autograph on our program from the Great American
Bash....and told him thanks...and that was it....I thought it was great how
he approached us first though.....willingly. He made it a point to tell me he
liked my shirt and was asking us questions.....most celeberties I have met
only sign the autographs and never say a word, but he was down to earth, and
made us realize that "Hey, he's only human like the rest of us".....

So there's my story. My "Encounter"

Rick Miesse
Age 27

This one from Brian Woytasik, what a lucky dog!!
I had the distinct honor and privlage to meet Terry
Bollea at his house in Clearwater Fl.  A friend of mine works for a major
sound company in Tampa.  Hulk hired this particular sound company to
install some speakers and projection t.v.'s.  I waited outside Hulk's house
for his arrival, he finally pulled up in one of his Vipers.  I asked him
politly to sign some old magazines.  He of course said yes, but he had to
park his car first.  Terry came back out and said "man i have'nt seen this
stuff in years".  He was very impressed with what i had.  Hulk Hogan
is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest wrestler of all

Brian Woytasik

Hulkster`s #1 fan who had the pleasure to meet him sends the following:
ive met hulk hogan about 40 times. the best experience was in florida, he
signed about 125 photos for me, and also introduced me to his wife and
children. Afterwards he invited me over to see his house! the best feeling of
all is when terry call me hes number 1 fan! my name is chris from chicago and
im 22 ,and i have never respected anbody as much as i respect terry. Now i
have a total of about 2000 hulk hogan autographs if not more. on this page in
the left corner of your picture is me with the black shirt!=)  it is great to
hear all this stories about terry.  hope to see him soon back in the ring.if
any1 wants  to swap hogan stories email me at TonyHawk 2nd. thank you.


Check out this story of a fan who met,talked to the Hulkster just last week
Ok, my name is Sam Gibbons, and during the weekend of the 16-18 of February, in 2001.
    We were staying at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, and Hulk was at the hotel also.  I had seen him poolside, but I never actually got to talk ot him.
But than a day later I was sceduled to go parasailing on the "skyscraper" and if you can believe it, he and his son Nick and daughter Brook, or
maybe it is Brooke....(im not sure on the spelling.) anyways they were on the same boat with us to go parasailing.  We talked wrestling for a
while, and I got a picture with him with a great view of the ocean.  It was really cool, Its just to bad no one believes this story of mine, buti  have
the picture to prove it.  He even gave me some move names to go along with my gimmick, which is "wrathbone" anyways I think that is the
coolest thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life, he is a really cool guy.  Ok thats it c-ya

"Only Hollywood Could be this Rude......." In I believe October of 1996, My wife and I had attended our first live wrestling event while we were living in Florida. At that time the NWO was very popular, my wife also was along-time Hulkamaniac. My friends and family during that time enjoyed teasing my wife by always rooting for Hulk's opponent. She would get upset....and it was so much fun razzing her by rooting for Flair ect. The event we attended was a Monday Nitro Event in Tampa Fl. It was at a small venue in Tampa. Once we arrived near the arena we tried to find parking....so we entered a particular lot near the arena.We sat in our car for at least 15 minutes waiting in line to pay & park. As we were sitting there.......I saw a car coming up yhe lft side of me riding on the shoulder.....the car was a new Black BMW windows tinted with Chrome wheels......the car went right up to the parking attendants, and they allowed this car to cut me off and go ahead of me after waiting all that time! When that happened I looked over to my wife and I said jokingly " I cant believe how rude that guy was to cut us off like that....the only loser that would do a thing like that is Hollywood Hogan". She laughed. Once it was my turn finally to pay for my parking, I gave the attendant my money and i curiously asked " why was that car allowed to cut everyone else off?".The attendant replied that it was "Hollywood Hogan & he was running late". We both looked at each other and laughed.By the way  the show was fantastic. Hogan wrestled Lex Luger in the Dark Match.After the show while in the parking lot on our way to our car we said hello to Mean Gene as he was getting into his Mercedes Conv. & also Elizabeth. We also saw the Giant almost run people over with his pick-up truck He seemed like he was high or drunk.He Drove the opposite way out of the parking lot heading towards cars and he kept wailing on his horn in anger cause the fans filing out of the arena were in the walkway...blocking traffic. What a loser!!!! We did see Terry & his son leave the arena with security. Remember one thing Hulkamaniacs....next time you get cut off by a Black luxury car in a parking lot, or on the road you never know.....Hollywood might be behind the wheel!!!!
David Bastian

Once again, if you`ve got your encounters,sightings,backstagers and lucky dog stories, please
feel free to mail them to me, Boog31@aol.com

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