Hulkster retires
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Terry poses as he enters the Tonight Show set, on his way to announce retirement.
Here is the full transcript:
Jay Leno: Please welcome Hollywood Hulk Hogan ladies and gentlemen!

 Jay: Look at this! He's on the cover of America's biggest magazine, TV Guide. Next week is that?

 Hulk: I like it.

 Jay: Now, take off those glasses.

 Hulk: You know, it's a lot better to be his friend then his enemy.

 Jay: That's right. Now we had fun though.

 Hulk: Right, but he knocked my block off though.

 Jay: Actually, Kev took you down.

 Hulk: He's brutal too.

 Jay: Now, I want to ask you about this name change. It used to be Hulk, now it's Hollywood. You don't live in

 Hulk: Well, my son was born there. Um, yeah. Hulk Hogan, Hollywood Hogan...Venice Beach, California. Just
 like I bodyslammed the wrestling world, I took over the movie industry. Made all those multi-million dollar
 movies. You know, Mr. Nanny.

 Jay: Wait, all of your movies put together don't equal multi-million dollars.

 Hulk: You know, it's Thanksgiving. You're supposed to be nice to me. You know, this guy is cheap. He had the
 back of his truck up, and all these kids doing turkey calls, and he was shooing the turkeys out of the truck. He
 was too cheap to buy one.

 Jay: Now, Hulk Hogan is not your real name, right?

 Hulk: No, it's not.

 Hulk: When I first started wrestling, wrestling was very territorial. They had Italian wrestlers, they had Chief Jay
 Strongbow for the Indians, Ivan Putski for the Polish people. So they said you should be Hogan. Hollywood
 Hulk Hogan. Put some red dye in your hair and you'll be an Irishman.

 Jay: So what is your real name?

 Hulk: My real name is Terry Bollea.

 Jay: Terrance?

 Hulk: No, no. Terry.

 Jay: Wait, wait, wait. Now, on your birth certificate, it says...

 Hulk: Terry.

 Jay: Now your mother calls you...

 Hulk: Terry.

 Jay: Terry as in T-E-R-R-I or T-E-R-R-

 Jay and Hulk together: Y.

 Jay: No, it's a line with a little circle, isn't it? Where did Hulk come from?

 Hulk: Early 80's. Lou Figarnido television series(referring to the Incredible Hulk). And they said you should use
 the name "Hulk". So I was Terry "The Hulk" Bollea. I held on to the Hulk part because it worked so well.

 Jay: I like Terrance.

 Hulk: You probably like Gorgeous George too.

 Jay: So what's the biggest announcement.

 Hulk: The big announcement is, since it's Thanksgiving and everyone's at home watching, I kind of come to the
 crossroads here and I've accomplished everything I wanted to do in wrestling. My family's secure, I've had a
 great career, and I wanted to officially announce my retirement.

 Jay: You're leaving...really? Those implants will come in soon enough.

 Hulk: No, I just thought that timing was everything to me, and I just thought after sitting down with the
 promoters, my family the fans. You know, the WCW has been so great to me, and I do owe one last farewell to
 my fans, you know?

 Jay: So you will never wrestle again? That's it? You will never step inside the wrestling ring again?

 Hulk: Well, for the rest of my life?

 Jay: So you're not going to come back in 6 weeks?

 Hulk: I don't think the transplants will be in by then.

 Jay: This don't have to do with me and Kev kicking ass?

 Hulk: Well, Kev there is pretty brutal.

 Jay: We have a clip don't we? Show that clip.

 (a clip from Road Wild is shown)

 Hulk: You know, now, you and I should have teamed up. Before I retire...that's just something that we missed.

 Jay: Well, you started the feud. Kev and I had to step in and settle it.

 Hulk: But you know all good things come to an end.
 I've had a great time. The fans have been great. I love you guys, thanks for sticking with me. And this is a segue
 for me being the President of the United States. All right, hypothetical question. If I ran against Bill Clinton
 today, who would you vote for.

 (Audience cheers Hogan on)

 Jay: But have you had any experience at all in this field?

 Hulk: Well, I've been making decisions all my life. I mean, we need an honest American to take over all the
 decisions that come across America.

 Jay: Now, are you serious?

 Hulk: Yes. When Ventura won for Govenor, all the phone calls came. You know, "How come you never run for
 something?". And I just kind of threw out there that I'll run for President of the United States but I won't take a
 cut in pay. And then when the media jumped on it, and the phone calls kept coming in, I said, "Wow, If I am
 really serious about this thing, I could win".

 Jay: So who would be your running mate? Would it be Professor Tanaka? Who would be your running mate?

 Hulk: When I first started joking around about it, I threw out some names. I said Perot, Oprah. But now we're
 getting real serious about it and we're going to be meeting with a bunch of third parties.

 Jay: Well, let me ask you now. Would you ever make this Lewinsky mistake?

 Hulk: Well, I wouldn't have any platforms in the Oval Office. You know, platforms would be Congress? Ha, ha.

 Jay: I'm glad you're not coming into comedy. Now what about your past? Any secrets? Cause they invesitgate

 Hulk: We all make mistakes, and thank God we learn from those mistakes. I mean, I'm beyond this mid-life crisis
 that Clinton is going through now.

 Jay: And you're modest. Would you say you're more of a democrat or a repulbican?

 Hulk: I'm right in the middle.

 Jay: Oh. What kind of lame answer is that?

 Hulk: No, it's not. Everything across the board is going to be for America.

 Jay: How about taxes? What would you do with taxes?

 Hulk: Flat taxes. Flat taxes.

 Jay: Now, flat taxes is good for us rich guys, but what about the poor people? How high would that flat rate be?

 Hulk: You're cutting me down to a figure, here. 16 percent.

 Jay: Now what about Saddam Hussein? Would you bomb...

 Hulk: Wait. Saddam?

 Jay: Saddam(mispronouncing it). Saddam Hussein.

 Hulk: I look at this thing as a big mistake. It's like when you're in the ring, and there's no substitute for victory, I
 would send our men over there, and our women. We should've taken the brother out the first time.

 Jay: Would you be willing to challenge Hussein to a steel cage death match, say in a neutral territory, like the

 Hulk: Well, if it would save one American life, I would.

 Jay: Well, there you go. So when is this going to happen? In the year 2000? Or in the future?

 Hulk: 2000.

 Jay: Will you get fat now? Cause I see you sucking in your gut there.

 Hulk: You're brutal. I just ate turkey, man, come on.
 It would be nice just to sit back and eat. But I've got to train.

 Jay: So you're studying now, you're following all the issues?

 Hulk: I'm following everything.

 Jay: But you don't know who you're running mate will be though?

 Hulk: Definitely going to announce one in the near future. A few weeks. Gotta make sure we pick the right
 person, you know? How about you?

 Jay: I've got a day job.
 (crowd member yells "Bischoff"
 Well, how about Jesse Ventura?

 Hulk: ...about running against Jesse. Cause that would be an easy thing. Everything I've always done against
 Jesse I've always won. It would be a lot of fun to just beat him one more time.

 Jay: Well, them are fighting words. Presidential Candidate Hogan thank you very much. Be back right after this.
Credit to The Tonight Show, SJJ,Top Rope Newsletter.
My take is that Terry will do his transplant, will run for president, and about year from now, he`ll
bring Hulkamania back, if he won`t become president.
He has 2 years left, I believe that now finally fans would understand how important this man is for
this sport!
Hulkamania is still alive! The red and yellow will be back, maybe not in red and yellow, but I
guarantee that Hulk Hogan will be back in 2 years within WCW for some last matches and for
a 5th WCW World Heavyweight title raign, making him officially 11 times world champ, and in my mind 12 times! He beat Bockwinckel for the title damnit, why didn`t they add it to the title books.
I`m personally very sad, due the fact that I couldn`t see it live, and will only receive it god knows when(month or 2), and I`m sad because I might not see my hero wrestle again.
But I`m glad that Terry is happy with his decision, now he`ll have more time with his family.
I back up Terry`s decision in all my 100%, I know about him being upset with the ratings and his feud with  the Warrior, it`s not his fault.
I just want you to join me, in wishing Terry the best in running for president of U.S, and luck in his hair transplant, I hope it`ll go well. 

If you don`t have NBC and didn`t see the Tonight Show, you, much like me should thank these guys
for putting it on-line.