Terry" Hulk" Boulder`s Unlisted NWA Alabama SouthEastern Heavyweight title history
time beat date place lost to date place
1st time Ox Baker 3/78 Dothan, AL Austin Idol 6/78 Dothan, AL
[Special thanks to Michael Calloway, who helped me with the southeast and alabama info]

Sterling Golden`s NWA Tennessee SouthEastern Heavyweight title history
time Won from Date Place Lost to Date Place
2nd time Dick Slater 12/1/79 Knoxville, TN Bob Armstrong 12/25/79 Knoxville, TN
*Thanks big time to the man himself, Gary Will for correcting the above title change as it was written before that Sterling Golden defeated Bob Roop, according to Hisaharu Tanabe of the Great Hisa`s Puroresu Dojo page
Terry beat Bob Roop in december 79 and lost to Armstrong in january 80, so thanks again to Gary Will, who wrote the Bible of Wrestling for the correction, you can buy his book here
*I received note that there may be a chance Bob Roop indeed defeated Terry in Knoxville, but his win did
not count, there where matches between Terry and Roop, therefore it is believed the title change mentioned on Tanabe`s Great Hisa page was not official. Also a possibility, Roop indeed won the title, and Terry won it back
a few days later. I will heavily research this information which hope will result a 100% confirmation on the above.
"Incredible" Hulk Hogan`s Unrecognized AWA World Heavyweight title history
time Won From Date Place Lost to Date Place
1st  Nick 
04/18/82 St. Paul, MN Stripped 04/19/82
2nd Nick Bockwinkel 04/24/83 Minneapolis, MN Decision was reversed. 04/24/83 Minneapolis,
1st- Please note that Terry was stripped off the title and was never recognized officialy as champ. Bockwinkel made an angle that put Terry down for hitting him with a foreign object, thus allowing a victory. Week later
Hogan was stripped by "president Stanley Blackburn" or the promoter Verne Gagne due "hitting the champ with an illegal object", the official strip was day after the win, however at this time I don`t know when the official stripping aired on TV at the time.
2nd- There aren`t many details on this one, the one thing known is that the match went the same as their first, only this time Gagne came down and didn`t allow the referee that Hogan leaves building with title when he hit the champ with a foreign object, even though Heanen threw it, therefore Gagne reversed the decision and Bockwinkel left with the title. From what I was told "President Stanley Blackburn" was the one who came to the ring to strip Terry, causing a riot. I`m still not 120% sure about the dates, because it looks impossible to me for the rematch to take place a year later. By the way, the second match was on a Big AWA Event called "Super Sunday".
Behind the scenes, Gagne wanted Bollea to share his % $$ with him from all his appearences in movies and
New-Japan, Bollea refused and that led to Bollea leaving the promotion.
Thanks to the one and only "Netcop" Scott Keith , contributor and Co-Mod of RSPWM,
(check out his rants,faqs at for helping out with the Super Sunday rematch date.
**According to John McAdam who confirmed the Super Sunday date.
(who also sells almost every event/card ever put together in the wrestling business on his website here)
Between 1982 and 1983, Hulk Hogan faced the AWA champion, Nick Bockwinkel almost every month, and only once left with the belt then to be stripped, several times he was cheated out and then he won again, but the decision was reversed. McAdam told me a very wise line which I liked very much and think speaks for itself
"Gagne never planned on putting the title on Hogan. He felt that fans would pay to see Hogan challenge for the belt, but once he go it, they wouldn't. For example, if he had Hogan as champ vs Bockwinkel as challenger, fans would  figure Bockwinkel wouldn't have a chance. This theory was proven wrong as Hogan defended the WWF title vs smaller challengers to packed houses."

Hulk Hogan`s IWGP World Heavyweight title History
time Won From Date Place Lost to Date Place
1st Won Tournament 02/06/83 Tokyo, JAPAN Antonio 
14/06/84 Tokyo, JAPAN
*Please note that Terry did not defend the title, and it was only awarded to him.
Note again, Terry did not defend this title during his reign. Unlike the first tourney, at the 2nd(84) Inoki won the tourney to face champ-Hogan, and went on beating him for the title.
*Important to note that while holding that title, in a non-title match Inoki beat the WWF champ Hogan, later on in 13th of june 85 to end the Inoki-Hogan controversy.
*Thanks to King Rudo for making me aware and look at this situation from his point of view which thaught me something new.
New information I received, states that the japanese media at that time(the dirt sheets, or inside word)advertised this match as if Inoki was slated to win, and Bollea nailed him with the lariat and he tried to hold the rope, but fell and was knocked out cold. To all that however, another inside word now claims that Inoki was the one to put that word to build Bollea more crediblity, because he didn`t want to lay down inside the ring. Therefore all the controversy ends here for me, as I believe 100% that Inoki and New-Japan indeed booked Bollea to win the title and the match.

"Incredible"/"Immortal" Hulk Hogan`s WWF World Heavyweight title History
time Won From Date Place Lost to Date Place
1st time Iron Sheik 01/23/84 New York, NY Andre the Giant 02/05/88 Indianapolis,IN
2nd time Randy Savage 04/02/89 Atlantic City, NJ Ultimate Warrior 04/01/90 Toronto,ON
3rd time Sgt. Slaughter 03/24/91 Los Angeles, CA Undertaker 11/27/91 Detroit, MI
4th time Undertaker 12/03/91 San Antonio, TX Title held up 12/04/91
5th time Yokozuna 04/04/93 Las Vegas, NV Yokozuna 06/13/93 Dayton, OH
1st- On the first Main Event show, a huge tremendous show building a WM III rematch with new logos, WWF merchandise booming to the heavens, had one of the biggest angles in wrestling history, if not thee biggest,
as Dave Hebner was the referee for the match, but it turned out that Ted DiBiase brought his tween brother Earl
(who previously worked in the NWA as a referee with long blond hair) As Andre Hip Toss Power Slammed the Hulkster, Earl counted the 1-2-3, even though Hulk got his shoulder up at the 2nd count. Andre then awarded the belt to Ted DiBiase, which then led to him being stripped and leading to the WM IV tournament.
3rd- Ric Flair came down and put a chair, while referee was distracted with Paul Bearer, Taker then Tombstoned the Hulkster on the chair, Flair got it out of the ring, cover and referee counted the 1-2-3.
4th-The title was held up when Ric Flair made president Jack Tuney watch how the Hulkster
"illegaly throw ashes in Undertaker`s face and school boying him for the 1-2-3, resulting in a later stripping Terry of the title, however with the "referee decision stands" Hulk Hogan left the building the champ! Just like it should`ve been with the AWA title history!
5th- At WM X, Yokozuna defeated Bret Hart when Bret had the Sharpshooter on Yoko and was on his way retaining the title, when Mr.Fuji thew sault in Bret`s eyes, leading Bret break the hold and Yoko hooking the leg for the win. Hulkster then came down, explaining the referee what just had happened, but referee still raised Yoko`s hand. As Hulkster helped Bret Hart on the outside, fans chanted Hogan`s name and Fuji chalenged the Hulkster for Yoko`s new won title, Hulk accepted and within 24 seconds won his 5th WWF World title, after
ducking the sault , decking Fuji as Yoko got the sault in his eyes, Clotheslining Yoko and dropping the patented Big Leg for the big leg hook and the 1-2-3.
5th loss- A camera man had provoked Jimmy Hart on the outside as the Hulkster was about to Body Slam Yokozuna, as Hulk aproached to see what the camera man`s problem, the camera man show a fire ball or a flash into Hulk`s eyes, followed by a Leg Drop from Yoko for the 1-2-3.
Behind the scenes it was Terry`s idea to drop the belt to Yoko, rather than to Bret as McMahon wanted, although McMahon didn`t disagree to Terry`s face, rather behind his back to Bret, who was promised a bigger push.

"Hollywood"/Hulk Hogan`s WCW World Heavyweight title History
time Won From Date Place Lost to Date Place
1st time Ric Flair 07/17/94 Orlando, FL The Giant* 10/29/95 Detroit, MI
2nd time The Giant 08/10/96 Sturgis, SD Lex Luger 08/05/97 Detroit, MI
3rd time Lex Luger 08/09/97 Sturgis, SD Sting 12/28/97 Washington, DC
4th time Randy Savage  04/20/98 Colorado Springs, CO Bill Goldberg 07/06/98 Atlanta, GA
5th time Kevin Nash 01/04/99 Atlanta, GA Ric Flair 03/14/99 Louisville,KY
6th time Randy Savage 07/12/99 Jacksonville, FL Sting 9/12/99 Winston Selem, NC
7th time Jeff Jarrett 7/09/2000 Daytona Beach, FL Worked Shoot ** 7/09/2000 Daytona Beach, FL
*Note Giant beat Hogan after Hogan was DQed in a title can change by DQ match.
 That was revealed on Nitro the following day when Jimmy Hart joined the Giant, however the 'committee' and commissioner Bockwinkel decided that the contract signing by Jimmy Hart was dubious
and vacated the title, to be awarded in the World War III 95 3 Ring Battle Royal, with the winner new champ.
**Hogan pinned the champ Jarrett as he laid down. Booker Vince Russo after legitimately insulting the Hulkster announced the belt Hogan won is the Hulk Hogan Memorial Championship belt and said that Jarrett will defend the real belt against Booker T later that night, thus taking away the title of Hulk Hogan being the world champ, while him keeping the belt itself.

Hulk Hogan`s Tournament/Battle Royal history
Type: Promotion: Date: Place/Eliminated/Beat: Teamed with:
Round Rubin Tag New-Japan 11/21/80-12/10/80 Runners Up(23 pts)
lost to Inoki& Backlund
Stan Hansen
Round Rubin New-Japan 8/5/81-6/4/81 4th place - 36 pts
Battle Royal AWA ??/3/82 Bobby Heanen
Round Rubin Tag New-Japan 11/19/82-12/10/82 Winners(28 pts)
beat Khan & Toguchi
Antonio Inoki
Round Rubin New-Japan 5/6/83-6/2/83 Antonio Inoki
Single Elimination NWA Missouri 7/15/83 DCO Jerry Blackwell 
at Semi-Finals
Round Rubin New-Japan 11/18/83-12/8/83 Winners(28.5 pts)*
beat Adonis&Murdoch
Antonio Inoki
Battle Royal WWF 1984 Andre The Giant won
(Hulkster was eliminated by Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis)
Thanks to Chris Tan for this match
Battle Royal WWF SNME10(2/21/87) Hercules won
WWF title
Single Elimination
WWF WM IV(3/27/88) He and Andre were Double FQed at 2nd round.
Battle Royal WWF 1/15/89 Was eliminated
For details click here
Battle Royal WWF 1/21/90 Winner(click for details)
Battle Royal WWF 1/19/91 Winner(click for details)
Battle Royal WWF SNME29(4/15/91) Mr. Perfect won
Battle Royal WWF 1/19/92 Eliminated last by Ric Flair**
3Ring Battle Royal WCW 11/26/95 Was eliminated by The Giant***
Battle Royal WCW 02/05/2000 Eliminated by Bret Hart
*Although Stan Hansen and Andre the Giant(32.5 pts) were supposed to face Inoki and Hogan at finals, due to Hansen`s injury they had to face the 3rd place team of the great late Adrian Adonis and the great late Dick Murdoch.
**Hogan was eliminated after Sid pulled him out of the ring, helped by Flair from the inside.
***Hogan was pulled underneath the bottom ropes by the Giant, with the ref not seing it, and Macho Man eliminating One Man Gang for the win, Savage was awarded the WCW Heavyweight title.

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