Meet Tullie
Here's Kiki!
Tullie is a beige male, age 10 months (as of Nov. 2002). He has a big personality and will come running for a piece of papaya treat. His favorite place to sleep is his hammock, and his favorite pastime is snuggling Kiki or chewing up his water bottle.
Kiki is a white mosaiac female. She lives with Tullie, and they are a mated pair. (psst! we suspect she may even be pregnant wth her first litter!) Kiki is a curious girl, always full of energy. She doesn't liek to be held much, but makes up for it with her intelligence. She even puts herself away when finished playing!
Our Chinchillas..........
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Welcome to our chinchilla page! This page will feature a brief Bio. for each chin. Each chinny also has a page of their own, featuring extra pictures, and super cuteness! Follow the links by the Bios. or use the links to the left.
Our Edd!
Edd is a more recent addition to our household. He is another beige male but he has considerably lighter fur than Tullie. Edd has the biggest personality I have ever seen in a chinchilla. He begs 24/7. For what we're rarely sure of, but we suspect he just likes the attention. Edd is a major sweetheart, and seems to really enjoy contact with people.
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New Baby!
Sae (pronounced "sigh"), is the newest chinchilla in our home. She is a dark female standard we bought as a cagemate for Edd. (He was sooo lonely!) The two seem to be bonding quickly and when Sae is older we hope for them to be another breeding pair. So far, Sae is a friednly, perky chinny, who likes to take baby naps in our pockets. Too cute!
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Kiki's Babies are here!
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