Welcome to a page of wonderous wackiness!
Joli was Here!
        Or maybe I still am here.........
                       Muwahahahah, I see you!
Hi There!
   So I see you've managed to stumble across my page. By this factor alone, I have made a guess that you are one of four types of people:
     1) You know me. (and I prob. gave you this link shouting "See my page! See my page!")
     2) You are a member of one of the message boards I frequent.
          A- Which means you got this url from either a member profile or a sig. file
     3) You were bored and wandering yahoo profiles.
     4) You've read my
Journal, and followed the link from there.

     In cases 1,2,& 4  you have some idea of who I am and therefore will most likely find the content of this page to be congruent with my random nature, and bizzare ideas. In case 3, you have prob. been spooked and left before reading this far. But, if you're still here then Congratulations! You're about to meet a Joli! (Lucky day!)

     In any case, it's good to be (virtually) here and I hope everyone gets at least 5 mins. of sub-quality amusement from this site. (I would promise quality, but then i would have to have standards and, Bleh! who needs those!?")
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    As you've probably figured out by now, this site is still in a construction and configuration stage. It may even be upgraded sometime in the near future. But for now it's up as a flagship for what's to come and to provide a place for me to slap pictures and ramblings and all that good stuff.

So please, explore the links on the left, sign the guestbook, and enjoy your stay!

Big News!
Big updates on the chinchillas page! Lots of new pics., and even more comming soon!
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