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Kiki peeking out of her cage. She is always hopeful that playtime is about to begin.
Another picture of Kiki being held. (you can see on her face that she's getting tired of it) Look at her pretty tail and long whiskers! Isn't she beautiful?
Kiki being held. She was behaving very nicely for this picture, seeing as she doesn't like being held much. She gives you about 3 seconds, and then she tries to squirm her way out. But she loves to run and play, and is fairly easy to catch.
Another picture of Kiki in her cage. This is her version of begging. Tullie does it too. They sit next to the door and put one paw up as if to say "won't you please let us out?!"
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"All these hands on me are making me cranky! There better be some papaya in it for me!"
Kiki had her first Litter!
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