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Christians have a real stick up their ass for Bush. Just because moms aren't staying at home raising kids because they're working two shifts to support them, they're 'sinners'? Here's a page from your Bible: the world is gonna be a galactic molotov cocktail. Why? Because you support Bush and his megalomania for world democracy/domination. Space weapons ['strategic defense "peace" platforms' (what movie is that from?)], nukes that can crack open concrete bunkers like an egg, military outposts in every country except the Vatican, Gestapo tactics such as the Patriot ['Patriarch'] Act, and utter contempt for sanity. You are being watched. You are not being protected. You are confused. You cannot win the fight against the world. And we are free?

Terrorism has won over your hearts and minds. While the other 150 dictators in the world enjoy freedom to shock the gonads of political prisoners with the help of US money, you can sit and watch pundits spit nothing. You watch the horror, and wonder how bad gas prices are going to get. Will OPEC shit more oil for your poor monster vehicles, or won't they? You will never bleed pain like the rest of this miserable planet, because what even happens in the ghettos of Oakland are atomsmashed by the hell we have wrought in the name of freedom. Maybe it hasn't occured to some of the spiritually propped, but not everyone wants our brand of Freedom [all rights reserved]. 'But how could this be? Shouldn't they enjoy our Western-style of fast-food and a desk job? We're doing you a favor, assholes!' Do me a favor. Step outside and wonder what the hell you've ever done for anyone in need. The meek? The poor? Where's your sympathy for the living dead, trapped not under the oppression of terrorists, but under their own governments? Some folks don't want to live like Americans. To say that people should is to stab them and sign them up for an HMO.

There is a war, alright. A war against forced democracy, willing to bend to the bigger gun. Why isn't America waging war against dictators and goverments we KNOW are helping to pick us off one at a time? Because they have nukes? You're so frapped about the war on terrorism, why stop now? The war gods are way past the point to mince words with the likes of North Korea. Why aren't we trying to stomp them into paste? We know EXACTLY what their problem is, and we know their leader is a fucking bug that should be squashed. 17,000 gallons of chemical and biological weapons? Send the fucking Marines. But let's hash it with the dudes with 5 or 6 nukes. The truth is, America knows it can't kill all the dictators and terrorists and we won't, because a lot of those guys are helping us. With what, I don't know and probably will never find out. You are buried in lies and you swallow it. You are goddamn sheep, all of you country club pansy assed zombie fucks. What planet are you from?

One Day. One War. One Apocalypse. There's your fucking Trinity, and I hope you enjoy it. And to the rest of the psychos trying to clamp jumper cables to Doomsday, I'll be dropkicking your ass all the way down to Hell. Misery loves company, you fuck.