" By My Side "

Here I am by your side
Happier than I have ever been
I couldn't care about hte stereotypes
Or what others think
My love for you will not wane
I have finally openned up
And let everything loose
I have nothing to hold backl
Ask and you shall receive
I need nothing else in the world
Because I have you by my side
People look for the buried pirate treasure
But I have already found my treasure,I found you
I lay to rest each night a think of you
I make it through each day by knowing
It will bring me closer to seeing you
Can't no one take that away from me
No one can change how I feel
My eyes may wander but I'm thinking to myself
Others could never compare to you
There is no pressure with you
I do what I do because I love oyu
My heart tells me so
I thank God each day for letting you into my life
All my burdens I forget when I'm with you
Can't think of the bad only the good
I'd give everything I have away
For more time with you
Nothing around me matters when I'm with you
people can look and i couldn't care less
It only make me love you more
They are only jealous of our love
Your love makes me stronger
It makes me fear nothing
I long to have your hand in mine
To have your skin rub against mine
Nothing in the world could ever compare
To having you by my side