" Cig "

Get your cigarette out of my face
Don't pollute my body cause you do yours
You say you need the rush but isn't it more a case of want
Puff,puff,puff blacken your lungs
One day they with rot inside you
One day you will not breathe and no one will help you
Don't go asking the companies for help
They just want your money
They will only give you false hope
Put your money away spend it wisely
You wonder why they all leave you behind
All your money is asted on killing yourself
Look at your face in the mirror
Is it what you want to see
old and wrinkled cause you let life pass you by
Stop this tragedy before it takes the world
Put down your cigarettes and revolt
Stop these corparate bullies from feeding your addiction
And killing youir children as you sit and watch
As they count their big pay checks
As they kill millions each year
End this tragedy now before this cancer gets us all