" Come On "

Blame it on the music,movies,the tv
Oh for heaven sakes we all know its their fault
Built up that wall keep blaming others
For all the problems in the world
And your own life
Maybe if you took care of your children
And didn't leave them in front of a tv all day
They would actually listen to you
The tv is thier parent not you
Everyone learns the ins and outs from the tv nowadays
And whos fault is that
Yours,not watching after them
Leave them home alone or with a babysitter
Who is more of a parent them or you
Oh no,Eminem is on the radio
Think I'll go shot some fags
Oh,come on people
Oh ,no Marilyn Manson is on
Think I'll bring a gun to school and kill my classmates now
Grow up folks
Where are the parents
Oh yeah,to busy fighting in front of their children
While they watch the Empire State blow up
Oh no they said the f word you have to turn that off
Well what words where you just using when you where
Fighting  in front of your child
Parent are supposed to be our role models
Instead they are just bad influences on us!