Ok so it's fess up time
Oh boy another fessing up poem
What a slut I've been
What the fuck is up with me
I can't figure out anything lately
I don't know what I want
Now I broke up one relationship
But is it really what I wanted
If it was what I wanted why am I crying
Have had my fun on the side
And now I'm in luv again
But am I really ready to just jump right in again
I mean it has been seven month almost
It seems so much is going on lately for me
I have had so many people hitting on me
I can't even count them all lately
Got two guys hitting on me
Three chicks hitting on me
What the hell is up with that
What the hell am I doing
Is it the hair,is it the goatee or whatever it is
I know I'm not that cute at least I don't think I am
But for some reason all of a sudden people want me
And God does it scare me alot
The guy thing it is funny don't worry me at all
I am willing to try new things
But what if I like it then what
Ok I wont lie to myself I do like it
I like all of the attention
It makes me feel special
All of the compliments lately
I've been blushing so much,
Been looking like my sheets alot lately
I know I'm a flirt maybe I should stop
But it isjust my nature
It is me all me
I am to nice for my own good
And people take that the wrong way
I got a good heart
But sometimes that gets me nowhere fast
I don't like to hurt people
Maybe that is why it took so long to brake up
I mean gees it has been on my mind
For like about three month now or maybe more
I can't even remember
I can't listen to some songs I just start to cry
I had to make a mix tape or all upbeat song
Songs about power and living your own life to cheer me up
I know it is all my fault
But I was called selfish what the fuck is with that
I mean gees I gave my everything and thats what I get called
I don't know everything has been messed up for a while now anyways
People don't listen,you try to tell them
And they just brush it off like it is nothing
Or they say you are fighting about something small
When in fact the little things are that which kill the most
Can I really juggle another relationship again
I got so much going on right now
Summer is coming,my friends want out
Another person to be jealous of my friends and my time with them
I need peace of mind maybe this is it
This little poem,this little mess of nonsense
Who the hell am I lately
I don't know who I am anymore
Everyone looks at me differently
Do they all know my inner most secret
Not even my best friend knows it
Only a select few know the truth about the last
Half year of my life
Others just know portions of it,built up
On little white lies to cover myself from hurt
And the pain of the truth being known
But people have been calling me on the truth
And I answer back with the truth
It really isnt that bad
Maybe I should just give it up and let myself be free
Then maybe I can move on with my life
Or maybe it will just make it all worse for me
The truth hurts sometimes
I fell like I don't know what I'm doing anymore
Like I'm lost inside of my own body
Like a puppet on a string
With no siccors to get out
WIll the truth set me free
Or turn the people I love against me
I just can't take this life anymore
I need a change and fast
Everything around me aggrivates me
I feel so bottled up inside
So stuck in a rut
to be continued..........