I mean why did I wait so long for
It wasnt like my hand satisfied me that much
Was I just to shy or maybe to scared to do anything
Could it be I thought there was noone out there for me
Now I'm exploring and seeing what people thin kor me
All these eyes lookign at me all of a sudden
I don't know what to think
Do they want a quick fuck then want to leave me forever
Or do they accually want a relationship
Or are they just acting like they want a relationship just to get laid
I don't know if I'm cut out for this game
These games people play
Where is all the love in this world
It isnt all about getting fucked or fucking someone else
Is there any sane people left on this planet
If there is I don't think I know any of them
People don't realize what they are doing to themselves
Not like I should talk at all
I might look back at this in a few years and wonder what the hell was I thinking
But probably not cause it is true everything
Now I need to find myself again
In this world of hatred
I can see the clouds rolling in
I don't want to be locked away again
I will fight to be out there
Fight to be myself
And soon get everything off of my chest
Tell the truth to everyone
Let the world know the true me
No matter what the concequences are
Holding back only hurts me more inside
I think I'm done blabbering on now sorry