" End "

It's the end of the world as we know it
Lava boilling up thru hte cracks
Rocks tumbling down
Earthquakes ripping down skyscrapers
Roits raging in the streets
Sleet and hail in the middle of summer
90 degrees in mid winter
Pouring rian in the desert
Droughts in the cities
The air is unbreatheable
The water tastes like urine
The resouvors are empty
All the food has  perished
Small towns and forests are burning to the ground
Down with the trees, out with our air
Birds lay wings up on the tar flapping their wings
The beaches covered with fish carcasses
Only a few humans left
But put in a zoo as an extinct species
No sun,covered by infinite black skies
Supernovas taking over the universe
Astroids flyin into the atmosphere
Nitey,night my fair,loving friends