" Exile "

Just whip it out and play your games
Can't you see all your doing is hurting yourself
All these little mind games you play will come back at you
And at the one time when you least expect it
All these endless hookups you have
All these numbers in your head
Could you fit them all in a book
Maybe two or three
You may be happy now but wiat till you get older
And realize all the consequences of your action
All this fun and games now they all want back in
What do you do when you see them on the street
Do you run for cover
Can you remember all their faces
Each time a pregant woman walks by are you
Wondering if it is your child
What a shame it is,what a tragic life to lead
Now that you are old and gray
Popping your viagra pills can you still get it up without them
You see all these wrinkles,one for each heart you broke
All these children showing up at your doorstep wanting to
Meet thier father that abandoned them so long ago wondering why
All this rage thrown at you
Can you now see the consequences of your life
Now that you are all alone and withering away in your rocking chair
Goodnight Great-Grandpa!