"  Faith "

There is no place to run
There is no place to hide
The only one around here is your solitude
Once you do get out he will be waitting for you
For he never left you all along
Though you may have doubted
Though your faith is quiet
He is always around you
Even if you don't always have faith
He is always faithful
So don't hide under the sheets
And please don't blame yourself
The world is all around you
And just have faith in yourself first
Then you can have faith in others
So walk down the street and smile
For you know he is everywhere and in everybody
Just a smile could brighten up so many days
Don't bottle it up inside for he knows the truth
Each word you say is a pace closer to your demise
So use each word carefully and make ir all seem right
Make the world go around you not
What you are or what you are not