" Find Myself(Happiness) "

Lost in this maze of confusion
Searching for the right place where to begin
But I seem to be looking in all the wrong places
Standing here all alone
Searching for the one I love
Only to find an empty beer can
On every street corner
And a poor man preaching
About the end of the world
I can't find myself
So how do I plan on finding
The one person that is right for me
I look in the mirror each morning
To see someone that I am not
Trying to face up to the world around me
To please everyone else but myself
I can't seem to break loose
As much as I seem to try to
Everything just seems to be
Going around in circles around me
When will this all end or will it ever
Things must change
happiness is one thing that we all need to search for
No matter if that is standing
On a street corner preaching about
the end of the world or
Drinking your life away
It is your decision to make
Yet the world forces upon you
All these rules and regulations
Pushing you back into your hole
Looking for a way back out agian
Happiness is hard to come by today
Looking for it can lead to your destruction
No matter what you do someone
Will always try to put you down
Back into the hole from which you just dug yourself out from
Just let your freak flag fly
Who gives a cares what they thunk
No one has the right to say a thing
You are you and they are themselves
Yet they walk down the streets in their
Dressy,dressy suits banishing those
That are different from themselves
As they say happiness is slavery
But what is happiness anyways
Just another form of self indulgence
No one is every fully happy
No matter what they say to you
There is always something on there minds
Happiness will come and go
But love is the one form of happiness
That matters the most!