"  Golf Course "

Could this be all a game
All this life all a dream
In this world where all we can be
And in our dreams where everything
Why where here I can not answer
Look out there, there must be an answer
Look outside of yourself
Feel the world go on through
This is all a big illusion
Watch out world I'm here to show them
This life is a golf course
This world is just one hole
Can't you feel this all inside you
Can't you tell what is real
What is dream what is real
Look inside look outside
Just stand still for just one minute
Can't you feel it all around you
This second plane of existince
This second hole for you to reach
Now once you leave this place behind
You'll look on to the other side
Where to go it does not matter
Cause your here thats all that matters
At peace with yourself
At peace with the world
A whole new beginning for
Every boy and girl