" Hiding "

I can hear the machine guns in my head
Can see my destiny floatting away
This dark empty void that once was a heart
These legs just dragging on
My arms slowing decaying on my body
So sensitive on the inside yet
Trying to act so strong
All these things we pretend to be
Just to please the world
All it does is hurt us inside
Slowly day by day taking something away from you
A part of your inner soul that can not be replaced
Might as well be lost in a black hole
Where no one can find you
Can't all be the same
No matter how much you hide
No matter what you may say
Someone out there knows the truth
Why hide what your really are for an
Unappreciatting world full of egomaniacs
Be who you are
You will be happier that way
No more secrets hiding under the bed
Just a more relaxed you knowing
You have nothing to hide at all