" Inside This Life "

This crazy life I lead takes me down so may roads
Sometimes I feel stuck here and sometimes I feel lost
All these things happen so fast I have no time to react
Why can't life be simple, or is that to much to ask
Life is a plan made to be broken
Like a heart on the edge of disaster
All my life I've looked for comfort
To find out it was all not true
Just a dream world I lived in all alone by myself
I couldn't,wouldn't let anyone in
Now things have changed, changed so much inside
I long for that love that I once pushed aside
I look at the world, so big and so bright
Looking for something to hold deep inside
Couldn't care less about money and pride
I'd give up the world to have you inside
I once feared the words and now the door has openned
I can never go back, not once or not twice
I just hope I am right with this feeling inside
I fear what I'm doing will hurt me inside
No I can not lie everything is not perfect
Everything is not right, I know I should cry
But instead I hold it inside, for a big rainy day
For a cold,snowy night
I listen to my heart, my mind throws me around
I scream at myself, I hold myself back
Only to hear that I'm lost in myself
Who would have thought, who would have cared
I build myself up for more misery
Peace I won't find , love is just anger
I know I must find my true only answer
My question is this is love worth this game
Could anyone answer I'm lost in this place
I look at the world and see only one answer
This world is a game, The world is all love
The world is heartache,The world is this place
Place the period at the end of the sentence
Not everything is that neat in this kind of place
Hope is inside me, love it is to
I must love myself before I love you
I can not except what I'm doing inside
I want to, I need to, but it still hurts my pride
Can't figure this out,don't think I ever will
All of this pain it blows up inside
Life is my gift, I hold it so dear
I won't hurt myself, I won't hurt another
This feeling inside is love for one another
Maybe I found it, maybe it was inside
Maybe I hide it from the world so well
That I hide it from myself also
Now I can sleep, now i can rest
Softly on my pillow and dream sweet dreams in my head