" Locked Away "

Why do you sit here and indure all this pain
After all these years you'd think you'd realize
That you could do so much better than this
Giving all your love away
Slaving over a hot stove
Baring four children
Putting everyone better yourself
And this is your reward
With a husband who runs around with cheap whores
Who beats you senseless for no reason
Who tries to control your every move
Who will give away his love and not realize that all
You want is a little affection
Yet you still sit by his side
And waste your life away
All these things they do build up inside
While your children and grandchildren watch on
Hoping all this pain will finally end as bad as it sounds
Now that the time has gone what is there to say
Not a single word at all
Just all the bad memories of what has occurred
And that will be locked away in our memories till
We do meet again one day in paradise