" Poor "

This is my home
With smashed in windows
And only part of a door
There is no rent here cause there is no landlord
Each day I walk by the well dressed people
In my dirty,ripped apart t-shirt and sweatpants
And to think I used to be one of them
A CEO of a corporation till a downsizing occured
Oh what a shame it is to be me
All alone in the world
But it wasn't always this way
I was married and have two children
But when my luck turned the wrong direction
Everything fell apart
She filed for divorce and took the kids with her
She took all I had my home,my children,my life
I haven't seen my kids now for five years
And if I did see them it isn't like they would recognize me
With this long,dirty hair and fuzzy gray beard
It seems the world has forgotten about me
Yet when I walk down the street people stare
And look at me in disgust
I'm trying to put my life back together
But it is hard when people act like your not there
It's sad to say but I wish that I was dead
Cause whenever I try to pick up the peices
They just fall apart around me
I pray the Lord to take me on this very night
To everlasting peace