" Possesions "

Look inside youself look deep
All these things around you and
All the things you want
What are they really worth to you
Fame,fortune,all these possessions
They are not worth a thing without
Your friends,family,and love
I walk down the streets with
My hand at my side
Hoping soon it will have another hand to hold
I buy all these things thinking they will make me happy
Yet I know it won't fill this void in my life
Spend my spare time listening to these love songs
Wishing it was me in them
Where can I find happiness
Am I looking to hard for it
Or not looking hard enough
I would through away all these things
To have someone to lay beside me each night
And not just for a cheap lay or one night stand
Someone that loves me back
Someoen willing to throw it all away
And let life take them where it goes
Until then the search wages on
And I'll look to these possessions as comfort
Knowing one day I would give it all away for love