" Running "

Feeling woozy
See the broken bottle on the ground
Smashed into beautiful little peices
Go pick it up
And cut my hands open
Fall on the ground in pain
And hide in the darkest corner of the alley
But it looks like I'm not alone
Vomit coming from all directions
Bricks falling from the walls on me
Fire escapes all crashing down
Loud bantering coming from all directions
Yelling,screaming obsenities at me
People throwing dirty money at me
Feeling woozy
All these things running thru my head
Angry wife yelling to get out
Children crying to stop the yelling
Dishes flying acroos the room
And out the door I go
Lost in oblivion
And back to the bottle
All my pains seem to go away
And yet come back again
Little monster yelling into my head one more drink
Just one more won't hurt you
On the floor I fall choking on ym own vomit
The glass falling onto my head,covered in liquor
And now finally seeing the light