" always here "

your things lay on the floor
all these memories of oyu
left in my head
i can't bear to move a thing
for it might change my memory of you
can smell you on your clothes
and your purfume on your shirts
stripped of your life so soon
so young and so ripe
so loving and caring
stolen from me with a twist of fate
i could never love another the same
could never bring myself to
oh so alone without you here
this empty spot on the bed
just waitting for you to return
but you could never come back
so i just cry myself to sleep once again
i know you are watching me
i can feel your presence each day
you are always in my heart
and my mind will never let me forget you
only this picture of you remains
i smell your sweater to remind me of you
cause i can't hold you anymore so i hold that
i'll love you forever,no noe can take your place
so time marches on and on and you will always be with me
no matter who else is in my heart,you where my soul
i'll always be yours,and i'll join you in time for eternity together