Not sure how to do this project? Fear not, for here is help! Use following information to make your way through.

1. First, organize your group. Half of the group will be the scientists who are supporting Theory of Evolution, and the others will be the scientists who supports the opposite. Think of yourselves as experts in this field.

2. Each team in the group should brainstorm their ideas on the paper and plan what to do write.

3. To defeat the enemy, you must armed yourselves with knowledge. Determine what is the weakness in your side of theory, and think all strategies to defend it. You will find many flaws in your side's theory, so be sure to include them all.

4. Internet is your friend, at least this time. Use internet to find other journals, scientific news, etc, to help your side.

5. After join the group, each group must organize the idea and list all the weaknesses, strengths of both theories.

6. Make a Web page, be sure that page can be opened in virtually every web browser. (Using only W3C Standard codes should fix all compatibility problems)

Web page should include
  • The theory of evolution explained in the context of natural selection

  • Include common questions students have about evolution

  • Each side of theories must include at least 3 weaknesses and strengths

  • NO TEXT-ONLY. Use your ideas and imaginations.

  • Target audience is other students

  • Title, Names of group members, date, websites used (cited)

Plagiarism is a CRIME, and any group that plagiarize will get an automatic F.