the Café Bernaté has gone through extensive renovations in the Spring of 2004 to serve you better.  

Getting to the Show ..

System Check:


the Negotiation begins:

Venue: the intimate Café Bernaté,  1024 queen st. w. toronto
                                            (just west of Ossington Av.)

Weekday Parking: on Queen St. W. South Side available from 9am
            on Queen St. W. North Side available 9am until 4pm

Public Transit: Queen St. Streetcar stops at Ossington Av.
                Ossington Av. Bus Stops at Queen St. W.

the Communication Ends:



Café Bernaté                                      H¥PHEN.01 Studios:
A SMOKE FREE Environment                                                 416.778.0575
Lunches Daily 11am-4pm.                                        
Closed Sundays & Holidays                                      

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