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Anheuser Busch, St. Louis, Missouri - The Motherland of Beer.

Here's a list of my favorite Anheuser-Busch products:

The Original Anheuser-Busch Beer, first sold in 1876, the world's best selling since 1957.

Bud Light was introduced nationally as Budweiser Light in 1982 and has been the country's #1 light beer since 1994.

Michelob was developed in 1896 as a super-premium beer.

Michelob Light, the country's first super-premium light beer was introduced to America in 1978.

Amberbock, an American style bock, introduced in 1995.

HefeWeizen has been available nation wide since 1997.

Honey Lager is best with soups and sandwiches.

Black & Tan is a combination of a porter (dark ale) and lager, introduced in 1998.

Busch Beer was introduced in 1955 and is the country's largest selling subpremium priced beer.

Busch Light is the country's ninth largest brand and was introduced in 1989.

As part of an equity investment in the Redhook Ale Brewery in Seattle, Anheuser-Busch wholesalers have distributed Redhook's superior microbrewery products since 1994 in select U.S. markets. Brands include Redhook Extra Special Bitter (ESB) Ale, Ballard Bitter Ale, Blackhook Porter and Wheathook Ale, among others.

Here are some other great beers:

Guinness,you're not Irish without it.

Schlafly, a good micro-brew from St. Louis.

Fat Tire, from the New Belgium Brewing Co., a good micro-brew from Colorado.

Sodas (or "Pop" for all you Okies):

Pepsi, my favorite Cola.

Dr. Pepper, my favorite specialty-Cola; The Doctor is IN.

Mello Yello is back! It was originally an regional soda, but was placed on the back burner in favor of Surge, the nasty green soda Coke had for awhile. Mello Yello is made by Coca-Cola and is my favorite light speciatly-Cola.

7up is my favorite non-Cola. Show me your can.

Orange Slice is my favorite Fruit Flavored Specialtynon-Cola. It is made by Pepsi.

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